Signature Smiles, a Wilmington NC dentures firm, specializes in creating Partial dentures or Overdentures for patients missing multiple teeth. Our partial dentures are held in place by clasps, which are molded to fit around the existing teeth. We take impressions of the mouth to ensure this partial denture will fit seamlessly and comfortably. Partials can also be revisited if the dentures shape is altered over time, although they are typically very sturdy and strong. The overdentures uses implants to hold the denture in place. This denture can snap in and out but is secured enough that chewing will not dislodge your denture.

A denture is the replacement of all the teeth on either the upper arch, lower arch, or both. A denture can replace lost bone and gum tissue contours, thereby supporting areas of the face or jawbone that may have a caved-in appearance. Implants are occasionally used as support for dentures when indicated.

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How are Dentures Made?

Full arch impressions are taken at the first appointment. The denture is a custom-made at a laboratory and it is constructed out of wax and denture teeth. A few visits are necessary during which the denture is tried in and altered for speech, bite and cosmetics. Once you are satisfied with the appearance and function of the denture, it is sent back to the laboratory for final completion in acrylic. The result is an amazing smile.

Dentures can give people with missing teeth a greatly improved appearance, as well as allowing them to eat and talk normally again. Signature Smiles located in Wilmington NC provides its patients with custom dentures that are made based on the exact dimensions of the patient’s mouth. When fitted properly dentures are a natural looking replacement for teeth that allows many people to smile again. Call or request an appointment online with Dr. Veronica Williams.

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