Signature Smile uses state-of-the-art dental equipment at both our Wilmington and Jacksonville, NC office locations. This specialized equipment gives our team of experienced dentists and hygienists the ability to do their job and provide you with the results and comfort that you demand. Learn more about some of this equipment below and contact the office near you today to schedule a visit with the Signature Smiles team.


X-Ray Machine

Both our Wilmington and Jacksonville dental offices have state of the art digital x-ray machines. These machines gives our staff the most enhanced images so that we can provide our service with pin-point accuracy. These x-rays will be shared with our clients during their visit and stored on a secure network for that patient’s record.


Intra-oral Cameras

Our dentist uses small, digital cameras that display a high resolution picture displayed on a monitor to enhance communication between the patient and the dentist. They are also our dentist’s #1 education tool. By connecting the intra-oral cameras with a monitor, our staff can show patients what exactly is wrong and further explain treatment recommendations.

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