Signature Smiles is a dentist office located in Wilmington as well as Jacksonville. This dentist practice is one of the most renowned in both areas that has experienced hygienists to provide their patients with the proper care and treatment. Dr. Veronica Williams ensures that each member of her team always provides custom treatment that can be applied to any and all dental needs of Wilmington and Jacksonville residents.


Signature Smiles specialize in creating Partial dentures or Overdentures for patients missing multiple teeth. Our partial dentures are held in place by clasps, which are molded to fit around the existing teeth. We take impressions of the mouth to ensure this partial denture will fit seamlessly and comfortably. Partials can also be revisited if the dentures shape is altered over time, although they are typically very sturdy and strong. The overdentures uses implants to hold the denture in place. This denture can snap in and out but is secured enough that chewing will not dislodge your denture.


Crowns are on of the most popular specializations at our Wilmington and Jacksonville dental practices. Crowns are caps that protect and seal teeth that are damaged to restore the tooth’s strength and shape. Our crowns can be made out of metal, gold or entirely out of porcelain. Porcelain gives us the ability to install crowns that blend into the natural color of your teeth.

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